Frequently Asked Questions

“Interchange Fees” are fees paid by merchants and collected by banks for transactions involving Visa and/or Mastercard credit cards in Canada. Interchange fees are the largest of several charges bundled into what’s known as the merchant discount rate. The rate varies by credit card brand, the type of card used and whether the transaction is in-person, online or by telephone. The other charges are to compensate the payment processor and the credit card network (Visa or Mastercard, for example). Also, there are a variety of other potential fees for accepting credit card transactions, including service charges, and those for terminal rentals and payment gateways for online companies.

Online and phone transactions are considered higher security risks therefore service providers add additional charges along with higher rates. MDR Consult will still work with providers to minimize the impact of any additional costs to you for the way you do business.

We are vendor-neutral and have no affiliation with any provider. This allows us to objectively negotiate on your behalf with your current provider.

Your relationship with your provider will not change. We simply work to ensure that they provide you with the best competitive rates, and no hidden fees

At your request, MDR Consult can provide you with extremely competitive quotes, from the most reputable providers in the industry. In many cases, your current provider will match any written offer. It is your choice as to whether you make the switch or stay with your current provider.

We have yet to see a client obtain rates that beat or match the rates that we are able to negotiate. MDR Consult has decades of experience that ensures the lowest possible rates, with no hidden fees. As well, once rates are negotiated, providers will typically not re-negotiate for a minimum of 12 months

Often businesses partner up with others in their industry to leverage their collective volume to get better rates. Some members do not participate because in order to take advantage of the “Association Rate” they would have to switch providers. We work with several associations in We have had tremendous success in lowering rates for merchants that are already part of an association See our Association Page for more information

There are no up-front charges for our service. In fact, we will provide a free assessment of your fees and charges, upon request. MDR Consult only charges after our work is completed, and you are enjoying lower fees and rates.

Our fee and reporting structure is based on your savings for your newly negotiated rates. This includes several years of monitoring, so your business never suffers from “charge creep” from your provider.

Our fees are based on savings and if we can’t save you money, there is no charge. This is another good reason to take our free assessment to see if there are savings to be found in your current environment.

Most providers will increase their fees from time to time. The good news is that all providers are obliged to notify their clients a minimum of 90 days before any fee increase takes effect. The even better news is that MDR Consult will monitor your fees and ensure transparency and no additional costs sneak into the increase.

The first step is to take advantage of our free assessment. Upon request, we will provide you with our signed NDA to protect your privacy and you can forward a copy of your monthly merchant statement. Within 24 hours, we will review all of your fees, and let you know if there are savings to be found.

Your time commitment is only to engage us. Our team has been doing this over over a decade and has mastered this process, while minimizing the impact to your business. MDR Consult does all the work, while keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process.

Included in our Free Consultation:

• A breakdown of your current fees

• Our road map to reducing your costs

• An estimate of anticipated savings

Reduce your Card Payment fees, without switching providers