About MDR Consult

MDR Consult launched in 2013. The senior management team possessed a shared vision to save businesses on their merchant service fees, without wondering if they had the best rates from their existing provider, or if they were partnered with the right provider.  Their decision to not partner with any processing companies, and their remuneration structure – based on savings realized by their clients – has been a welcome change to an industry that thrives on confusion.

With almost 300 different fee types in the Canadian marketplace, and with most providers tagging different titles to each of these fees, navigating through this maze is difficult at best. Our mission is to take the guesswork out of merchant services.

Our recent work with industries to have benefitted from an education and audit regarding their current charges for transactions, include:



Professional Services


Associations – Better rates for association members

Our experience is every business that collects payment from credit cards can benefit from cost savings.

Included in our Free Consultation:

• A breakdown of your current fees

• Our road map to reducing your costs

• An estimate of anticipated savings

Reduce your Card Payment fees, without switching providers